Only 2 km south of Garopaba Beach, Silveira Beach guards unique charms. Surrounded by mountains and environmentally supervised by its residents and most of its visitors, Praia da Silveira remains free of rampant urbanization, being one of the most tranquil beaches in the Garopaba Beach area. Famous for its perfect waves, the stone bottom of the south corner promotes the formation of great wave adventures, leading surfers from around the world have surfed here.
It is considered one of the best beaches in Brazil for surfing. With swells that reach from northeast, east and south. Silveira Beach also receives fishing enthusiasts.

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Whalewatching can be practiced very easily in our region and has been fueled by Franca Whale Project in partnership with local authorities and entrepreneurs in the tourism sector.

What can we see?
Generally pairs of mother and cub are spotted, swimming parallel to the shore, and often exposing the huge pectoral fin or tail, or giving impressive jumps out of the water – all very close to the beach!

The reproductive season of whales in Brazil is from July to November, but the best period for observation in the main area of concentration, the APA Whale, is between the second half of August and first half of October, when a larger number of whales usually be in the region, staying for several days in the creeks.

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